One Day

One Day

There was never a sparkle in those sunken eyes

Disappeared while she believed all the lies.

Hair is breaking, skin is pale,

Lower number on the scale.

Every day at a lower weight,

But nothing could ever stop her hate.

Until one day, someone asked.

Standing there, she broke down, at last.

Life got better, after that day.

But it wasn’t easy, not right away.

She fought her demons, day and night.

She wanted to quit, but she needed to fight.

Slowly but surely her life returned.

She dreamed and pondered, she longed and yearned.

Just as it should be with a girl her age.

A life ahead of her; an empty page.

Fully recovered, she remembers her past,

She wouldn’t be here today, if no one had asked.

Author Hannah Giarrusso, Menlo Park CA

Hannah Giarrusso is a fourteen-year-old writer from Menlo Park, California. She has been published multiple times, including a poem for the National Park Service, an honorable mention in the San Mateo County Fair, an article for her local newspaper, and her first novel, Third Port. Hannah is in recovery for anorexia nervosa, and hopes to illustrate the struggles of an eating disorder to those unfamiliar with the condition. Writing has been an important tool in her recovery and this is one of the many inspirational poems she has written about the subject.

Artist Allison Moore, Central IL

Being nineteen years young isn’t something that discourages me. I’m proud to be where I am because I’m not where I used to be and I will get where I want to be. The trauma I endured no longer holds me back and I’m progressing in my recovery everyday no matter what challenges present themselves. While I was in higher levels of treatment, I learned how much art can impact my recovery and that’s exactly why I love anything artsy these days working in outpatient treatment. Art is imperfections laid out in some format I cannot help but to accept as beautiful and empowering. It’s my fuel to make it to a better day and one day I hope to help others see art in a similar view.